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Find Rubber & Hardwood Flooring in Saint John, NB

Homeowners looking for a more natural look than carpet but something a little less firm than tile will find many appealing options in the selection of rubber and hardwood flooring at Hamilton's Carpets & Ceramics in Saint John, NB. This broad category includes various options within each, and our experienced and knowledgeable sales team will help you understand the differences, benefits, and ideal applications for all. With more than 40 years of floor experience on our side, we guarantee we’ll be able to answer any questions you have about your flooring options. Visit us today.

hardwood floor installation

Hardwood Floors Are a Timeless Classic

Hardwood flooring is found in homes all around the world because it’s a reliable, long-lasting material that can be refinished and stained to return it to like-new condition after years of use before having to invest in new floors. Design styles and combinations are almost limitless when considering plank widths, stain options, and the various species available. From dark mahogany to lighter bamboo, you can create a unique feel inside your home.

rubber flooring

Rubber Flooring for Residential Applications

Rubber floors are highly durable and resistant to water, moisture, and other liquid spills. They are commonly found in gymnasiums, schools, and healthcare facilities because they absorb impact and sound and are perfect for heavy traffic. These are all the same reasons why many homeowners are turning to rubber for different parts of their houses. These qualities make the material ideal for basements, garages, playrooms, and other spaces with heavy use.

Speak With a Flooring Professional in Saint John, NB

Understanding different types of flooring and deciding which suits your needs best can be overwhelming. We have an expansive inventory of hardwood and rubber floor options at the Hamilton's Carpets & Ceramics showroom in Saint John, NB, and our team takes a consultative approach to help you make the best choice. Whether you want to explore the latest trends and products or go back to basics and keep things simple, we have an option for you.

Visit Our Showroom in Saint John, NB