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Floor Building Materials for Excellent Results

Floor coverings are the main component of the surface you’re putting down. However, whether you’re a DIYer or working with an installer, you have options for adhesives, grout, and floor accessories that can make a difference in the finished results. At Hamilton's Carpets & Ceramics, we offer a quality selection of reliable building materials to complete your flooring project. Stop by and speak with one of our flooring professionals to learn more about options.


Schluter Systems

Thresholds leave tile edges exposed to chips and other damage. Schluter Systems offers various profiles for walls, floors, countertops, stairs, and joints to keep these fragile areas protected. They also manufacture membranes for various installation challenges, such as waterproofing for wet areas.


Kiesel products are designed to make the installation process more successful and provide ultimate longevity. Whether your floors are hardwood, tile, stone, or resilient products, the work for your installers will be easier and more reliable with their environmentally friendly products. Materials include mortar, adhesives, membranes, bonding agents, floor prep products, and more.

Flextile LTD

Flextile is a leading manufacturer of installation and building materials for ceramic and stone tiles. With an eye on outstanding performance to meet or exceed industry standards, they’re also committed to developing products that contribute to a green industry. Their line includes adhesives, grouts, mortars and additives, and surface prep materials.


Little details can go a long way in making your floors stand out and provide the performance you expect from your investment. Mapei understands this and is fully focused on developing specialized building products that last. Their installation systems and grout choices are ideal for residential flooring and commercial floors across every industry.

Shop for Floor Building Materials in Saint John, NB

When investing in new floors, you want everything to be perfect. Hamilton's Carpets & Ceramics offers customers numerous building material options to customize their installation with coloured grout, heated mats, waterproofing membranes, and more. Our floor specialists will discuss your project and the conditions of the space to help you add the perfect touches to your new floors. We’re here to answer all your questions.

Visit Our Showroom in Saint John, NB