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Natural Stone & Porcelain Tiles for Floors and Walls

Home improvement projects are an exciting time to make notable changes to your home and incorporate the stunning details you’ve always wanted. Tile is a time-tested flooring material ideal for various parts of the home, and Hamilton's Carpets & Ceramics in Saint John, NB offers an amazing selection of natural stone and porcelain tiles for various applications. From colours and glosses to shapes and patterns, there are numerous differences between products to enhance the rooms in your home. Ready to learn more? Visit our showroom or contact us to speak with one of our flooring professionals.

ceramic tile installation

Is Porcelain Tile the Right Choice for You?

Many tiles may look similar on the surface, but there are differences in production that set them apart. Porcelain tiles are fired in a kiln at extremely high temperatures creating a firm and stable material. Most porcelain tiles are glazed to give them an impervious seal for protection from liquids and stains. It’s a popular choice for a few reasons.

  • Affordability – Compared to other forms of tile, it is less expensive, making it ideal when you have to cover a large area.
  • Ease of maintenance – Porcelain tiles don’t require special treatment and are ideal for those who don’t want to worry about high-maintenance products.
  • Durability – When treated right, these tiles can last for a couple of decades as they’re one of the stronger tile options.
stone tile bathroom

Enjoy the Beauty of Natural Stone

Natural stone’s unprocessed beauty adds warmth and charm wherever it’s installed. As the name suggests, the tiles are taken from natural materials directly from the earth, unlike ceramic which undergoes an engineering process. There are a few reasons why a homeowner chooses natural stone tiles over other options.

  • Value – Natural stone provides a timeless look that never goes out of style and adds value to your home.
  • Uniqueness – Because natural stone is not coated, the tiles will undergo transformation over the years, adding to their special look.
  • Durability – Like porcelain tile, they are rugged, resist stains from food and liquids, and are an easy floor to clean.

Find Porcelain & Natural Stone Tiles for Your Home

Hamilton's Carpets & Ceramics has a wonderful selection of porcelain and natural stone tiles in our showroom from the leading distributors in flooring. Tile is waterproof and stain resistant, making it ideal for rooms like kitchens, laundry areas, and bathrooms that might see water or frequent spills. It is also fire-resistant, providing more peace of mind for homeowners, and since both options can be cut and shaped, you’ll be able to incorporate tile into a range of patterns. Contact us to learn more about porcelain and natural stone tiles.

Visit Our Showroom in Saint John, NB