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Saint John, NB’s Complete Flooring Specialists

Hamilton's Carpets & Ceramics in Saint John, NB is a locally owned and operated flooring retailer offering an extensive selection of floor coverings for homeowners. Whether building a new home or replacing floors, you’ll find everything you need in our showroom to compare and contrast options that meet your design and style needs. From carpet and natural hardwood to tiles and resilient options, our inventory is comprised of products from the leading floor manufacturers around the nation. Stop by and see us today.

ceramic tile installation

Four Decades of Flooring Expertise

When you visit our flooring showroom in Saint John, you’re guaranteed to speak with a knowledgeable product specialist who understands the differences between various flooring options. Our team is here to assist you throughout your project to ensure you’re delighted with the results. Property owners have relied on us for decades. We’ve been in this business for more than 40 years and pride ourselves on the number of choices we have for our customers.

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Find the Latest Trends in Home Flooring

Over the years, we’ve seen waves of changes in flooring products, styles, and trends. While we’re always happy to meet the needs of customers who prefer traditional, timeless looks, we’re also fully committed to ensuring we have the latest modern designs for those with more contemporary tastes. Whether it’s a colour, a sustainable product, or a trendy design, you’ll find it here. Our samples include:

Your One-Stop Shop for Flooring Products

Visit the Hamilton's Carpets & Ceramics showroom in Saint John, NB today to view flooring samples, take a couple of them home, and see how they look inside each room. There’s no better way to learn about flooring than to experience it in your house. In addition to our great selection of carpets and floors, we offer building products, including grout and heated flooring. Everything you need for your new floors is right here.

Visit Our Showroom in Saint John, NB